Can Hyperion Beat Thor?

Can Shazam kill Thor?

Without Mjolnir, Thor might actually lose against Shazam as it’s where a lot of Thor’s magical abilities come from.

Shazam doesn’t need such a token to use magic and can easily amp up his strength, speed, and even durability to match or even surpass Thor’s..

Who is stronger Superman or Hyperion?

Hyperion would win, because he can regenerate from complete destruction, and is even better than superman because he does not hold back. And even if superman does not hold back, hyperion would still win. … Hyperion also has durability that can be compared to superman’s, but could be even greater than superman’s.

Who is stronger Thor or Hyperion?

5 Hyperion In addition to his many incredible powers, Hyperion’s strength is his most notable, described to be far beyond that of Thor or even the Hulk. Although there are many different Hyperions from several different universes, all of them prove to be much more physically powerful than Thor.

Can Shazam beat Goku?

Shazam, he’s basically a more powerful Superman. Even if Xeno Goku is used as a composite, Shazam can still win because he fought the Spectre, he also bodies Yuga Khan who was gonna punch a hole straight through the Source.

Can Shazam beat Superman?

Shazam is basically Superman, only magic-ified. … Shazam has knocked Superman out cold before. A sucker punch, yes, but that’s still impressive. Originally known as Captain Marvel, the character was so popular in the 40s that his comic book sales outsold Superman’s.

Who is stronger Silver Surfer or Thor?

Thor has actually beaten the Silver Surfer repeatedly by striking him with Mjolnir, revealing the enchanted Uru metal is one of the few things capable of hurting the Surfer even through his normally indestructible silver skin.

Who is stronger than Odin?

Odin became such a powerful god when he absorbed the powers of his brothers Vili and Ve, killed when they confronting Surtur. He also wields a force that’s named after him. Thor has some ability to be stronger than his father, to be sure; his ability to tame Mjolnir when Odin could not speaks to that.

Who is stronger Hulk or Hyperion?

In a real fight, where Immortal Hulk is facing off against Hyperion, there is likely nothing Hyperion can do to win this aside from destroying Hulk’s heart or brain. He’s proven that he’s stronger than most incarnations of Hulk. He’s got a superior regenerative factor to most incarnations of Hulk.

How strong is Hyperion?

Super Strength Hyperion has an extremely high level of superhuman strength and is able to lift at least 90 tons, if not far more. Hyperion’s strength has wavered over the years being as low as class 75 and high enough to match the Hulk, Thor and Gladiator in battle.

Is Rogue more powerful than Captain Marvel?

Rogue. As a young member of the Brotherhood of Mutants, Rogue absorbed Danvers (or Ms. … In recent years she lost Danvers’ powers but permanently absorbed Wonder Man’s abilities – who, by the way, is physically stronger than Captain Marvel.

Can Thor defeat Hyperion?

Due to these new limitations, Thor brings down the hammer and defeats Hyperion, his victory stopped by Doctor Spectrum who appeals to Thor’s better nature and asks him to help them find out the truth behind the conspiracy responsible for this battle.

Can Hyperion beat Thanos?

Is he always going to beat Thanos? Probably not, as he does not hold up so well against magic.

What is Hyperion’s weakness?

Hyperion’s principal weakness is an isotope of lead vaslled argonite whose particles of decay serve to damper the quasi-nuclear reactions in his body. While in itself it cannot kill him, it can render him susceptible to other forms of injury.

Who is powerful than Captain Marvel?

Its been well established that Hyperion is stronger than Captain Marvel. Kind of. The nature of Captain Marvel remains ambiguous. At times, she appears to be one the biggest powerhouses of the Marvel universe and on other occasions she is just another hero.

Who is stronger Shazam or Thor?

Strength: The OHOTMU states Thor can lift 95 tons. … And since Hercules provides the strength portion of Shazam, Hence, Shazam is stronger than Thor.