How Do I Fix My Free Fire Date?

How do I transfer my free fire account to a new phone?

How to transfer Guest Account Free FireOpen the Explorer app and enter your internal storage.Locate the com.


msdk folder.Copy folder and transfer it to your new phone through Bluetooth or by uploading it on Google Drive..

Why is my free fire not working?

Players may think why free fire is not opening today. The reason is due to the server maintenance players cannot open Free Fire. The maintenance break timing is given below. Players can check the timing and after the maintenance break is over, players can log in as usual.

How do you fix auto quit on free fire?

Clear cache and dataGo to Settings.Tap on Apps (App Manager, Manage apps, depending on the Android device)Find Freefire and tap on it.Next, tap Clear cache.Tap Force stop.Go back to the Home screen and launch the app again.

How do I fix my free fire Ping?

How To Fix High Ping Problem In Free Fire?Restart your phone.ON – OFF the Airplane mode.Find the best place.Change your sim card.Add APN for a low ping.Here is an APN For JIO USERS.Network connection errors are common in the free fire. … Become pro in free fire 25 Ultra pro tricks 2021 CLICK HERE.More items…

How do you start a free fire today?

How to start the game in Garena Free Fire? Garena Free Fire guide, tipsTo start playing the game, you need to download it from the Google Play Store or App Store.You can connect additional accounts in the settings of the game.To start the game, you need to click on the “START” button.

How do I restart my free fire account?

How to reset your Free Fire account passwordAlso read: M416 vs M16A4: Which is the better gun in PUBG Mobile?Step 1- Visit Garena’s official website and navigate your way to the Garena Reset Password section. … Step 2- Enter your username or phone number. … Step 3- You will get an email or SMS to directly reset the password of your existing Free Account.More items…•

How do I block free fire on my phone?

1 AnswerLock the game/app with an app or from the android if you have that function.Go to Google Play–>Settings—>Parental controls. Once opened, you will be able to set up the restrictions you want.Restrict the internet access to the game. You can do it from your system if you have this feature.

How do you get free diamonds on Free Fire 2020?

Free Fire: How to get free diamonds in November 2020Also Read: Total Gaming vs TSG Ritik: Who has better stats in Free Fire?Step 1: Download Google Opinion Rewards from the Play Store if you haven’t done it already.Step 2: Players would have to answer basic questions to begin.Step 3: The users will receive the studies which they are required to answer.More items…•

What is the new update of free fire?

The OB25 update also has updated training grounds with a new concept of Bermuda shells being introduced which can be used Fireworks. The update also has dynamic lighting and a music arcade. The update allows players to have two sets of HUD and a brand new rank mode interface for Battle Royale and Clash Squad.

Is free fire opening now?

Free Fire Operation Chrono update will open today at 5:30 PM IST. The game will be available for download from Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Can we update free fire now?

Generally, the update should happen automatically once you click on the app. However, you can also head over to the Google Play or App Store for the latest Free Fire update.