Is Rainsford A Good Person?

Does Rainsford kill zaroff?

Yes, Rainsford did really kill General Zaroff.

In the story, it says, “The general made one of his deepest bows..

How is general zaroff intelligent?

Hover for more information. Zaroff appears to be smart at Connell’s first introduction of him. … Zaroff obviously in his voice had a pitch, tone, vocabulary, and knowledge of content that demonstrated his intellect at his first word in this piece.

What is the difference between zaroff and Rainsford?

In The Most Dangerous Game, General Zaroff is a man who hunts humans for sport. Rainsford is the latest prey for Zaroff’s game.

What kind of person is Rainsford?

Sanger Rainsford A world-renowned big-game hunter and the story’s protagonist. Intelligent, experienced, and level-headed, Rainsford uses his wits and physical prowess to outwit General Zaroff.

How does Rainsford resourceful?

Rainsford is resourceful because he survived the whole pack of dog with his hunting skills. This piece of evidence show that he will be hunted by General Zaroff . One Zaroffs Trait is predator because he is hunting peop,e and one of the people is Rainsford.

Why does Rainsford fall into the water?

Rainsford’s fall from the yacht is caused by his lunging for his pipe, which is knocked from his mouth as it strikes a rope after he leaps upon a rail. … As he balances himself, his pipe is knocked from his mouth by a rope.

Why does zaroff choose to hunt humans?

As everyone else has mentioned, General Zaroff began hunting humans because he became bored with hunting animals. … Zaroff’s capacity to reason presented him with an unfair advantage over the animals, whose natures he understood so precisely that he could always outwit them. He had turned hunting into a science.

Why does the General smile and turn away from the tree where Rainsford is hiding?

Why does General Zaroff smile and turn away from the tree were Rainsford is hiding? So that he can continue the game because it has only been four hours. … Summarize what happens to Rainsford and Zaroff at the end of the story.

Where is Rainsford from?

LancashireRainsford is an English-language surname, a variation of the toponymic surname Rainford from the village Rainford, Lancashire. Notable people with the surname include: Andrew Rainsford Wetmore (1820–1892), New Brunswick politician and jurist.

Who is Rainsford in the most dangerous game?

The protagonist, Sanger Rainsford, is an adventurous big-game hunter who confronts the nature of life and death for the first time in his life during his few frightening days on Ship-Trap Island.

Did Rainsford kill zaroff in self defense?

Rainsford did not murder General Zaroff. In the story, Zaroff was hunting Rainsfird as if he were an animal. When he didn’t succeed, he went to hunt him down with dogs. Whatever Rainsford did to “rid” of Zaroff was out of self defense because Zaroff was attempting to attack Rainsford.

What is Rainsford personality?

Rainsford is a very intelligent and curious man, but he can also behave very foolishly. He has a strong sense of personal morality. He is also physically strong, cunning, and a talented hunter. Rainsford is a skilled hunter, and writes books on the subject. Zaroff seems impressed with his books.

How is Rainsford determined?

Rainsford is determined and self-sufficient; even when thrown from his boat in the middle of the ocean in pitch-black night. His determination serves him well later, as he refuses to give up, even when all his traps fail to kill Zaroff.

What did Rainsford look like?

He was a tall man past middle age, for his hair was a vivid white; but his thick eyebrows and pointed military moustache were as black as the night from which Rainsford had come. His eyes, too, were black and very bright.

How did zaroff die?

In Connell’s short story The Most Dangerous Game, Rainsford was able to defeat General Zaroff. In the end, Rainsford is able to beat Zaroff by killing him. Rainsford is able to escape capture by making Zaroff think that he died. … Rainsford kills Zaroff after he won, when he is possibly in no danger.

Why is zaroff evil?

General Zaroff shows evil in the story because he demonstrates of killing human, and considering it as “hunting”. Rainsford shows good throughout the story because he thought hunting humans mean murder to Rainsford.

Who does Rainsford kill first?

General ZaroffThe General accepted his challenge, adding that the winner would sleep in the bed. At the story’s end, Rainsford claims he had never slept in a better bed. Though not specifically stated, it is implied that Rainsford killed General Zaroff.

Why is Rainsford brave?

His action is proven to be brave, because he takes a risk that could cost him his life. This example and others show that he is not afraid to take risks, that involve insane courageous actions. Furthermore, Rainsford proves his fearlessness through other characters reactions.

Who does Rainsford kill?

ZaroffWhile the story clearly indicates that Rainsford kills Zaroff, it is not stated explicitly. Connell sets up a fight between Rainsford and Zaroff, then skips over the fight and finishes with the resolution.

What does Rainsford do for a living?

A renowned hunter, Sanger Rainsford, falls overboard from a yacht in the Caribbean and ends up on an island with the Russian expatriate General Zaroff. Rainsford learns about Zaroff’s new hunting quarry before becoming prey himself. The two play a life-and-death game that results in only one survivor.

Did Rainsford kill Ivan?

Ivan is killed by a trap that Rainsford set. Rainsford has had some success evading Zaroff, but Rainsford knows that Zaroff is still playing with him. By the third day, Rainsford knows that he is running out of creative options to throw off Zaroff.