Question: What Belong Means?

What could be the closest meaning for belong?

[ bih-lawng, -long ] SEE DEFINITION OF belong.

verbbe part of, be in proper place.

verbbe affiliated with..

Is it belong to you or belongs to you?

“Belong to” and “belongs to” are both in the Present Simple Tense but they are referring to different people. “Belong to” could be referring to the grammatical person “I” “you” “we” or “they” whereas “belongs to” can only refer to the third person singular “he” “she” or “it”.

What does belonging to someone mean?

The definition of a belonging is something owned by someone, or a close relationship. An example of a belonging is person’s wedding ring. An example of a belonging is a person’s best friend.

What is the root word of belonging?

Etymology 1 From Middle English belongen, bilongen, from Middle English be- + longen (“to be fitting, be suitable”), from Old English langian (“to pertain to, suit”), equivalent to be- +‎ long (“to belong”).

Where they belong meaning?

You say that something belongs to a particular person when you are guessing, discovering, or explaining that it was produced by or is part of that person. … If you say that something belongs to someone, you mean that person has the right to it.

How do you describe belonging?

Belonging is a sense of fitting in or feeling like you are an important member of a group. A really close family gives each of its members a strong sense of belonging. A feeling of belonging describes this sense of truly fitting or meshing, especially with friends, family members, or other sympathetic folks. …

How do you use belongs to?

We commonly use this phrasal verb to say that something is connected to something else or to a place or a time or a person. For example:He and his family belong to a Baptist church.Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo belong to the Renaissance era.They are perfect for each other, they belong to each other.More items…•

Which is correct belong or belongs?

Whether you use “belong” or “belongs” simply depends on whether the subject is singular or plural. “It belongs” but “They belong”. You can use it in the simple present or in other tenses. “This belongs to Bob.” “This will belong to Bob” (perhaps after he has proven himself worthy).

What does it mean to not belong?

estrangementEstrangement is the feeling that you don’t belong, especially when you’re surrounded by other people. Estrangement happens when something — or someone — makes you feel like a stranger. …

Is belonging a word?

noun. something that belongs. belongings, possessions; goods; personal effects.

Why is it important to belong?

The social ties that accompany a sense of belonging are a protective factor helping manage stress. When we feel we have support and are not alone, we often cope more effectively with difficult times in our lives. Coping well with hardships decreases the physical and mental impact of these situations.

Is belonging a basic need?

The need to belong refers to the idea that humans have a fundamental motivation to be accepted into relation-ships with others and to be a part of social groups. The fact that belongingness is a need means that human beings must establish and maintain a minimum quantity of enduring relationships.

Why do I want to belong?

Being connected to other people, the need to belong, may act to protect us from physical illness and emotional distress. Since we experience discomfort when this need is not being met, we seek belonging throughout our lives. This instinctual need to be connected to others may have evolutionary origins.

What does it mean when a guy says you belong to him?

Some men are more territorial and will want to feel that you belong with them. It might also be his way of joking with you about how much he loves you. … If you feel good when he says that and hes caring and takes you into consideration, its a good sign.

What is meaning of belong?

intransitive verb. 1a : to be suitable, appropriate, or advantageous a dictionary belongs in every home. b : to be in a proper situation a man of his ability belongs in teaching. 2a : to be the property of a person or thing —used with tothe book belongs to me.

What type of word is belong?

verb (used without object) to be in the relation of a member, adherent, inhabitant, etc. (usually followed by to): He belongs to the Knights of Columbus. to have the proper qualifications, especially social qualifications, to be a member of a group: You don’t belong in this club.

Do people need to belong?

Because as humans, we need to belong. To one another, to our friends and families, to our culture and country, to our world. Belonging is primal, fundamental to our sense of happiness and well-being. Belonging is a psychological lever that has broad consequences, writes Walton.

What is another word for belong?

In this page you can discover 77 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for belong, like: go, appertain, be a component of, be akin to, merge with, be a part of, be classified among, linked with, fit, reside and normally exist.