Question: What Is Enhanced Provision In The Foundation Phase?

Why is continuous provision used in Year 1?

Continuous provision was developed in Year 1 to enhance child initiated learning.

Specific learning objectives were planned for, in shared activity areas.

Plans were adapted to incorporate outdoor activities.

Assessment for Learning through improved questioning and more opportunities for solving problems was developed..

What is quality provision?

Quality provision in early education and childcare is secured through a workforce which is confident in: … Delivering high quality practice and teaching that make a difference on a daily basis to children’s outcomes.

What does continuous provision look like?

Continuous provision is the resources and areas that you have laid out for your children to explore freely. They should be safe to explore, as well as challenging and engaging. … It is perfect for encouraging your children to be active learners and to take control of their own learning.

What is the difference between Reception and Year 1?

Reception follow ‘Early Years’, whereas Yr 1 follow the national curriculum, so there is much more play based learning in reception.

What are the 3 characteristics of effective learning?

There are 3 characteristics of effective learning according to the EYFS 2017:Playing and exploring – engagement.Active learning – motivation.Creating and thinking critically – thinking.About Anne Rodgers.

What does continuous provision mean?

Continuous Provision is the resources provided in the classroom for students to interact with creatively. The idea of continuous provision is that it encourages the students to learn in the absence of an adult.

Should Year 1 have continuous provision?

It is clear from the data collected that there is a resounding opinion that Year 1 children should certainly have the use of continuous provision, all respondents were able to articulate the reasons for this and the benefits this would bring to the children’s learning.

What does provision mean?

1a : the act or process of providing. b : the fact or state of being prepared beforehand. c : a measure taken beforehand to deal with a need or contingency : preparation made provision for replacements. 2 : a stock of needed materials or supplies especially : a stock of food —usually used in plural.

What is open ended provision?

An open-end mortgage is a type of mortgage that allows the borrower to increase the amount of the mortgage principal outstanding at a later time. Open-end mortgages permit the borrower to go back to the lender and borrow more money. There is usually a set dollar limit on the additional amount that can be borrowed.

What is linked provision?

Linked provision The activities all practise a specific skill and the children will rotate and repeat activities during the week.

What is enhanced provision?

What is enhanced provision? If your answer is something along the lines of ‘It’s when themed resources are added to continuous provision’ or ‘It’s a way of adding more challenge to continuous provision’ then you’re probably on the right tracks.

What is good practice in early years?

sensitive and responsive to the child’s needs, feelings and interests. supportive of the child’s own efforts and independence. consistent in setting clear boundaries. stimulating.

What are early years provisions?

The term ‘early years provision’ means the provision of a combination of early learning, care and development for a young child.

What does high quality child care look like?

The child care providers are responsive to the needs of each child. There are open, supportive and engaging experiences for children. Interactions between providers and children are warm and positive. Learning opportunities are developmentally appropriate, interactive and plentiful.

How do you plan for early years?

Parents need to be involved in the planning process in the following ways:sharing experiences and information on what interests their child at home.setting next steps/targets for their child.doing activities at home that support their child to reach their target.extending activities from the provision.More items…•