Question: Why Does Mr Dussel Want Mr Frank To Answer The Phone Why Won’T Mr Frank Answer It?

Why does Mr Frank say she puts me to shame?

Frank says “she puts me to shame” he is referring to…

being ashamed of the way Anne treats people.

being ashamed that he doesn’t believe all people are basically good like Anne does.

being ashamed of the type of father he was..

What bad news does Anne find out from Mr Dussel?

What bad news does Mr. Dussel bring Anne when he first arrives? The bad news that Mr. Dussel gives Anne when he first arrives id that Anne’s best friend Jopie and her family was gone.

What happens between them as the bell chimes 9 00 pm and Anne is leaving Peter’s room?

What happens between them as the bell chimes 9:00 p.m. and Anne is leaving Peter’s room? He was caught taking half a loaf of bread from the food safe. He was caught by Mrs. Frank.

Why does Mr kraler help the Franks?

Mr. Kraler helped the Franks to prepare the “Secret Annexe” as a hiding place. While the group was in hiding, he was instrumental in obtaining supplies, keeping them secret and providing moral and psychological support.

What year does the diary of Anne Frank take place?

1942Anne Frank’s Family Goes into Hiding Margot Frank received a letter ordering her to report to a work camp in Germany in July 1942. Anne Frank’s family went into hiding in an attic apartment behind Otto Frank’s business, located at Prinsengracht 263 in Amsterdam, on July 6, 1942.

Why does Mr Dussel want Mr Frank to answer the phone why won’t Mr Frank answer it?

66. Why does Dussel want Mr. Frank to answer the telephone? -He thinks Miep is calling to warn them of danger.

What does Mr kraler ask of Mr Frank?

Frank asks Mr. Kraler what the going rate for keeping quiet about hiding Jews is. Mr. Kraler says that a war plant could offer him twenty guilders more a week, but they do not operate a war plant.

Who snitched on the Franks?

Willem Van MaarenFor decades suspicion centred on a man called Willem Van Maaren, who worked in the warehouse attached to the Franks’ hiding place. But two police investigations – one immediately after the war and another in the 1960s – turned up nothing and Van Maaren died in 1971 professing his innocence.

Why does Mrs Frank cry in act1?

Why does MRs. Frank begin to cry? She is hurt by Anne’s treatment of her.

What does Anne wish for the most?

“My greatest wish is to be a journalist, and later on, a famous writer,” wrote Frank, whose story is retold in a new movie, “Anne Frank,” to be aired on the ABC network Sunday and Monday. Consider what might have become of her ambition, had there been no World War II.

Why is it important to keep the radio on Anne Frank?

Not only in the “Secret Annex,” but all across Europe, however, the radio provided many people’s only link to the “outside world,” and attempts to control it were met with extreme resistance. The radio was so important that Nazi regulations regarding its use were broken routinely.

What did Mr Van Daan do for Mr Frank?

Van Daan helped him find a job, a house, and introduced him all around. Mr. Frank claims he owes the man a heaping helping of gratitude for all that. If anything, Otto Frank repaid his debt to the Van Daans ten-fold by welcoming them into the attic.