Quick Answer: How Do You Use Theoretically?

What does theoretically possible mean?

In practice we know, or almost know, that will not happen.

So saying that something is theoretically possible means that it could happen, but is so absurdly unlikely we can ignore it in real life..

What is another word for theoretically?

What is another word for theoretically?hypotheticallyapparentlyprobablysuppositionallyin a mannerin a senseon papersupposedlyostensiblypurportedly33 more rows

What is the difference between theoretically and hypothetically?

Theoretical is used to discuss what we think we know. Hypothetical is used to discuss what we want to know. Theoretically is for when we build on what we know. Hypothetically is used for what we guess or won’t admit to knowing.

What is a theoretical method?

Theoretical Methods may be a generalization a few developments, a proof of however or why one thing happens. Indeed, any statements that specify what’s measured or described-any general statements concerning cause or effect-area theory based mostly, a minimum of implicitly. Related Journals of Theoretical Methods.

What’s the opposite of theoretically?

What is the opposite of theoretically?actuallycertainlyreallysurelytrulyabsolutelyimprobablyundoubtedlyunlikelyin fact2 more rows

What is a theoretical example?

The definition of theoretical is something that is based on an assumption or opinion. An example of theoretical is lower interest rates will boost the housing market. adjective.

What is a tenacious?

1a : not easily pulled apart : cohesive a tenacious metal. b : tending to adhere or cling especially to another substance tenacious burs. 2a : persistent in maintaining, adhering to, or seeking something valued or desired a tenacious advocate of civil rights tenacious negotiators.

How do you use hypothetically in a sentence?

I can only answer that hypothetically. I do not want to talk hypothetically. I cannot rule hypothetically for the future. I am not ruling hypothetically.

How do you write a theoretical framework sample?

Strategies for Developing the Theoretical FrameworkExamine your thesis title and research problem. … Brainstorm on what you consider to be the key variables in your research. … Review related literature to find answers to your research question.List the constructs and variables that might be relevant to your study.More items…•

What does theoretically sound mean?

adj. 1 of or based on theory. 2 lacking practical application or actual existence; hypothetical. 3 using or dealing in theory; impractical. ♦ theoretically adv.

What is opposite of theory?

theory. Antonyms: fact, truth. Synonyms: speculation, assumption, doctrine, scheme, system, supposition, hypothesis, plea.

What is the opposite of generous?

What is the opposite of generous?stingyselfisheconomicaltight-fistedcarefulungivingscrimpingskimpingavariciouspenny-pinching29 more rows

How do you speak hypothetically?

Speaking hypothetically is when you say, ‘Let’s suppose…’ Here, you are presenting an example, or a situation that does not exist, but you wish to make your audience think about it so that you can present your argument in a better way. Needless to say, using hypothetical sentences enhances your English speaking skills.

What is a theoretical question?

A theoretical question is any question that incorporates a theoretical aspect. They usually start with things like “Imagine if…” or “What would you do…” etc. Imagine you wake up in a pond full of alligators.

Is it literally or figuratively?

Figuratively means metaphorically, and literally describes something that actually happened. If you say that a guitar solo literally blew your head off, your head should not be attached to your body.

What does theoretically mean in a sentence?

1 : according to an ideal or assumed set of facts or principles : in theory. 2 : in a theoretical way.