Quick Answer: How Does Sarah Hart Die?

Who is the most powerful Lorien?

Pittacus LorePittacus Lore – the leader Pittacus is said to be the most powerful of the Elders and is the only one who could fight Setrákus Ra, the Mogadorian leader.

Number Four is the new Pittacus Lore, as he holds all the same powers as Pittacus..

Who kills Setrakus RA?

When the rest of the Garde arrive, he says that Setrákus Ra is dead. Number Eight teleports to hug the fake Six, and Setrákus Ra stabs him. Setrákus Ra then proceeds to fight the Garde, preventing them from using their Legacies.

Does eight come back to life?

Number Eight, or Naveen, was a main character in The Lorien Legacies series. However, when Marina, Six, and Adam take Eight’s body with them to the Sanctuary, the spirit of Lorien speaks through him and revives him for a short time. …

What comes after the rise of Nine?

I Am Number Four, The Power of Six, The Rise of Nine, The Fall of Five, The Revenge of Seven, The Fate of Ten. The first six novels in the New York Times bestselling Lorien Legacies series are included in this collection: I Am Number Four: The book that started it all . . .

Is Lorien a real planet?

The planet Lorien is the homeworld of the Loric people. … It is one of eighteen known planets capable of sustaining life, alongside Earth and Mogadore.

How does Sarah die in Lorien Legacies?

She is knocked to the ground by Six with a blast of air. The same evening, John takes her out to the zoo where John coaxes lazy animals to perform for them with his Animal Telepathy Legacy.

Does Sarah die in I Am Number 4?

Sarah does not appear for most of the book. She, Mark and Lexa fly in Lexa’s Loric ship to the Sanctuary in Mexico to help Six, Marina and Adam. … With Marina unconscious on board the Loric ship, Sarah cannot be healed. She calls John to say goodbye and she bleeds out and dies while speaking to him.

Who dies in Lorien Legacies?

Lorien Legacies seriesNumber 3’s cepan – Killed by a piken.Number 3 – Stabbed in the back by Andrakkus Sutekh.They walk among us author – Killed by a Mogadorian while being interrogated.Henri – Stabbed by a Mogadorian.Sherrif James – Killed by a Mogadorian.Power of Six.Katarina – Died before the book. … Sandor – Died before the book.More items…

Why did the mogadorians attack Lorien?

As the Mogadorians continued to mistreat their planet and fail to do anything constructive about it before it was too late, they mounted an attack on the nearest planet, Lorien, in order to steal their resources to replace their own supplies, which were very low or had run out.

Does Six die in Lorien Legacies?

Number Six is sixth in line of the Nine Garde Children, who escaped from Lorien, during the Mogadorian attack. Her Cêpan, Katarina, was killed by Mogadorians, three years before she found Number Four….Number SixRaceLoric GardeAge17StatusAliveCêpanKatarina7 more rows

How did Pittacus Lore die?

Soon Malcolm describes in The Fall of Five that Pittacus Lore died later that night from fatal battle wounds. It is revealed in The Revenge of Seven that Setrákus Ra, the leader of the Mogadorians and sworn enemy to the nine Garde is the tenth Elder of Lorien that ‘died’ during the Secret War.

Is there going to be a second I am number four?

Considering the amount of time that’s passed since the release of the first movie, a direct follow-up is unlikely. There’s a chance I Am Number Four could be remade or retooled as TV series in the future, but the chances of a sequel featuring the return of Alex Pettyfer and Teresa Palmer are pretty low.

What legacies does number 4 have?

Number Four: LegaciesEnhancement. Like all Garde, Four was born with enhanced physical attributes and skill such as strength, speed, dexterity, durability and heightened senses.Anima. Four develops Anima, telepathic communication with animals, at an unknown time but it is thought to be his first Legacy. … Lumen. … Telekinesis. … Ximic. … Precognition.

Who dies in the I Am Number Four Series?

General Andrakkus SutekhThe death of Number Three features in the opening chapter of I Am Number Four. The Mogadorian that killed him is revealed to be General Andrakkus Sutekh. He is one of only three Garde to appear in the Film Adaptation.

What happens in the I Am Number Four Series?

“I Am Number Four” is the first book in the Lorien Legacies series. It introduces readers to the Loric, a nearly extinct race of extraterrestrials, due to a deadly battle with their enemies-the Mogadorians, with the few survivors being nine teenagers and their corresponding guardians, Cêpans.