Quick Answer: Is Chris Evans Done With Marvel?

Is Chris Evans done with the MCU?

The main Avengers timeline will continue after Endgame without three important heroes: Black Widow, Iron Man, and the original Captain America..

Is Chris Hemsworth done with Marvel?

Chris Hemsworth isn’t hanging up Thor’s hammer any time soon. In a new interview with the Polish magazine Elle Man, the Marvel superstar says he doesn’t plan to leave the Marvel Cinematic Universe after “Thor: Love and Thunder,” the fourth entry in the “Thor” series.

Will Chris Evans return as Captain America?

‘Avengers: Endgame’ directors discuss making another Captain America movie. By all accounts, it seems as though Evans will not be reprising his role as Captain America any time soon. But in a recent interview with Comic Book Movie, the Russo brothers were asked about the chances of helming another Captain America film.

Who will be the next Captain America?

Anthony Mackie has officially announced he will be playing Captain America in the upcoming Disney+ series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. The actor will be reprising his Marvel Cinematic Universe role of Sam Wilson, the character who previously assumed the alter ego “Falcon”.

Who is the weakest avenger?

With that said, let’s look at the 15 Most Powerful (And 15 Weakest) Superheroes In The MCU, Officially Ranked.30 Most Powerful: Shuri. … 29 Weakest: Mantis. … 28 Most Powerful: Hulk. … 27 Weakest: Drax the Destroyer. … 26 Most Powerful: Black Panther. … 25 Weakest: Black Widow. … 24 Most Powerful: Captain America. … 23 Weakest: Okoye.More items…•

Who is the most powerful Avenger?

ThorThor is easily the strongest Avenger of all time. He can summon thunder and his hammer, Mjolnir, is one of the most powerful items in the Marvel universe. Granted immortality by the Apples of Iddun, Thor’s impressive feats include defeating the Phoenix Force, one of Marvel’s strongest powers.

Is Chris Evans out of Marvel?

Chris Evans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe recently signed off as Captain America. Ending his multi-film run as the superhero in the 2019 box office smash Avengers: Endgame, the MCU star is now focused on other roles and producing projects.

Will there be avengers 5?

Avengers 5 release date: When can we expect Avengers 5? As mentioned before, there is no confirmed release date for a new Avengers movie and Marvel has enough on its plate right now. This is the current line-up for MCU movies over the next two years: May 7, 2021 – Black Widow.

Is Falcon the new Captain America?

Falcon was a member of the Avengers in the 2012 Marvel NOW! … On July 16, 2014 Marvel Comics announced that Sam Wilson would relinquish the mantle of Falcon and would become the new Captain America, succeeding Steve Rogers in the role.

What was on Hawkeye’s ankle in endgame?

A closer look at Clint’s ankle shows an ankle monitor, similar to what Paul Rudd’s Scott Lang was wearing in Ant-Man and the Wasp. All the heroes recruited by Captain America in Civil War were made to wear these monitors for working with a fugitive, after the events of the movie.

Will Chris Hemsworth return as Thor?

Hemsworth will reprise his role in the forthcoming sequel Thor: Love and Thunder. … Natalie Portman will return as Thor’s love interest Jane Foster, while Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi also steps back behind the camera.

Who is the boy at the end of endgame?

actor Ty SimpkinsThis is actor Ty Simpkins, who appeared in Iron Man 3 as Harley, the kid who helped a stranded and hunted Tony Stark reactivate his armor while on the run. Stark not only traded snarky-remarks with his young sidekick, but he later gave Harley his own lab to continue his engineering experiments.