Quick Answer: Is Cuz A Real Word?

Is cuz short for because?

CUZ is not an acceptable contraction of BECAUSE.

Cuz is short for cousin.

Cos, ‘cos and ’cause are the only (unambiguous) acceptable contractions of BECAUSE..

What is the short form of because?

Cos, a short form of because, is pronounced /kəz/ or /kɒz/ and can also be spelt ’cause. It can be used instead of because (and cos of instead of because of).

What do you call your girl cousin?

Depends. (In this respect, “cousin” acts grammatically more like “friend” than like e.g. “dad” or “sister”.) If the cousin’s known to be male, “he”. If the cousin’s known to be female, “she”.

What is cuz slang for?

CUZ means “Because”. The contraction CUZ is typically used in computer-based conversations, such as chat forums and instant messaging, to mean “Because” (as in “for the reason that” or “in view of the fact that”).

Is it cuz or COS?

Neither cuz nor cos are proper words. Normally in literature, when the author wants to express this pronunciation of “because”, they spell it like this…. ’cause. With an apostrophe (‘) before the “c”.

What does OKUZ mean in English?

“öküz” in English volume_up. öküz {noun} bullock. ox. oxen.

Is cuz a proper word?

Regarding internet usage: People use “cuz” all the time in chats instead of “because”, whether it’s correct or not, it’s being used that way. Encarter Dictionary defines Cuz is a nonstandard word for because. … The word ‘cuz’ was used by Shakespeare as a shortened form of cousin in his play Romeo and Juliet.

Is Coz short for cousin?

Merriam-Webster lists “coz” as the accepted abbreviation for “cousin.” It lists “cos” as an acceptable abbreviation for “companies,” ”consul,” “consulship,” “cosine,” and “counties.” You can see why The Chicago Manual of Style recommends avoiding abbreviations whenever possible.

Do Crips say cuz?

The Crips gang was formed in 1971 by two people — Raymond Washington and Stanley Tookie Williams. Washington was killed in a shootout in 1979. … The narrative features other cultural factoids such as the derivation of the now ubiquitous “cuz” (short for cousin) — a Crip-originated salutation to a friend or ally.

What does Czu mean?

The abbreviation “CZU” refers to the Cal Fire designation for its San Mateo–Santa Cruz Unit, the administrative division for San Mateo, Santa Cruz and San Francisco counties. One person died in the fires, and one other was injured.

What is another word for cousins?

In this page you can discover 32 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for cousin, like: coz, relative, distant cousin, cousin-german, second-cousin, counterpart, kin, first-cousin, kinswoman, an uncle’s child and cousin once removed.

Is cuz in the English dictionary?

Cuz is an informal way of saying because.

What is slang for cousin?

Cousin, as a slang, is used as a term of endearment to show a close bonded relationship or familiarity (more than acquaintance, usually someone you have known for a while). The word is shortened to “cuzz”. … Slang of cousin is ” Cuz ” by shortening and alteration.

How do you spell cause?

Correct spelling for the English word “cause” is [kˈɔːz], [kˈɔːz], [k_ˈɔː_z] (IPA phonetic alphabet).