Quick Answer: What Are The Characteristics Of A Servant Leader?

Which response is most characteristic of a servant leader?

Which response is most characteristic of a servant leader.

A servant leader always thinks before reacting.

This leader also chooses words carefully so as to not damage those being led, provides directions toward goal achievement, and finds asking for input more important than personally providing solutions..

How would you describe a servant leader?

Servant leadership is a leadership philosophy in which an individual interacts with others—either in a management or fellow employee capacity—with the aim of achieving authority rather than power. … The authority figure intends to promote the well-being of those around him or her.

Which researcher’s identified the 10 characteristics of servant leaders?

In an attempt to clarify servant leadership for practitioners, Spears (2002) identified 10 characteristics in Greenleaf’s writings that are central to the development of servant leadership. Together, these characteristics comprise the first model or conceptualization of servant leadership. 1. Listening.

Which of the following is a characteristic of a servant leader quizlet?

Which characteristic of a servant leader does he demonstrate? Servant leaders put followers first, empower them, and help them develop their full personal capacities. This servant leader behavior refers to the servant leader’s thorough understanding of the organization–its purposes, complexities, and mission.