Quick Answer: Who Was The First Uzumaki?

Who is Mito Uzumaki child?

Mito UzumakiTitle(s) Princess of the Uzumaki Clan Mito Senju Jinchuriki of the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox Jinchuriki MitoSpouse(s)Hashirama Senju (Deceased) (Husband)ChildrenHakura Senju (Deceased) (Son) Hanaku Senju (Deceased) (Son) Raikuro Senju (Deceased) (Son)34 more rows.

Who was the first Hyuga?

Dayuki HyugaDayuki Hyuga was the First Kazekage, as well as the founder of Sunagakure, and the first Hyuga to master, the Speed Style nature from the Senju Clan and somehow a member of the Hyuga Clan.

Is Tsunade Minato’s dad?

I guess Lady Tsunade and Dan kato is the parents of Minato Namikaze because Tsunade was pregnant while she was dating with Dan kato . after the death of dan kato in 2nd ninja war , she give birth to the child before marriage. So she hand over the child to Jiraya and said”leave the child at orphan home”.

Who is the weakest Uzumaki?

Karin Uzumaki2 Uzumaki Clan: Karin So, when compared to these characters, it is clear that Karin Uzumaki is the weakest in the clan.

Is Minato Tsunade’s son?

Naruto was born to Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki. We know that the Uzumaki are one of the most well-known clans in the series. … So, that brings us to the theory which is, Minato is Tsunade and Dan’s son.

Who is Naruto’s brother?

Itachi UchihaItachi Uchiha (Japanese: うちは イタチ, Hepburn: Uchiha Itachi) is a fictional character in the Naruto manga and anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto….Itachi UchihaRelativesSasuke Uchiha (brother) Sakura Uchiha (sister-in-law) Sarada Uchiha (niece)Ninja rankRogue NinjaAkatsuki partnerKisame Hoshigaki {rogue ninja]6 more rows

Who did Tsunade marry?

JiraiyaIn The Tale of the Gallant Jiraiya, Tsunade and Jiraiya use toad magic and healing to defeat Orochimaru who uses snake magic. Sound familiar? Ironically in the tale, Tsunade not only had healing powers, but is married to Jiraiya.

Who married Boruto?

Sarada UchihaSarada UchihaSarada as designed by Masashi KishimotoFirst appearanceNaruto chapter 700 (2014) Boruto episode 1: Boruto Uzumaki!Created byMasashi KishimotoVoiced byJapanese Kokoro Kikuchi English Laura Bailey (video games) Cherami Leigh (Boruto: Naruto the Movie and Boruto: Naruto Next Generations)5 more rows

Who married Tenten?

All of them are already married. Hinata and Naruto. Tenten isn’t married but isn’t looking for a guy yet. Ino marries Sai, Sakura marries Sasuke, and Temari is still TBD.

Who is the weakest Uchiha?

Strongest: Sasuke Uchiha. Weakest: Kakashi Hatake. … Strongest: Indra Otsutsuki. … Weakest: Shisui Uchiha. … Strongest: Itachi Uchiha. … Weakest: Izuna Uchiha. … Strongest: Obito Uchiha. … Weakest: Fugaku Uchiha.

Does Naruto really love Hinata?

All in all Naruto loves Hinata because she was the first to ever love and accept him, she was also by his side supporting him even when nobody else would.

Who is stronger Uzumaki or Uchiha?

There was no ‘plus the Uzumaki’, even with a clan the size of a village, the Uchiha clan and the Senju clan were the only ones considered the strongest.

How did Lady Tsunade brother died?

The day after his birthday, Nawaki died in battle after running into an explosive trap. Orochimaru was with him, along with two other genin, implying that Orochimaru was a sensei, with Nawaki as a member. His body was so heavily mutilated that it was beyond recognition.

Who is Madara’s wife?

Madara x misa {Husband and wife} | Madara uchiha, Uchiha, Naruto madara.

Who destroyed the Uzumaki clan?

On the day of his birth, Kyuubi attacked the village and Kushina and Minato ended up dying while making Naruto become a Jinchuuriki. Many years later, as The Hero of the Shinobi World, Naruto married Hinata Hyuga and had children, thus rebirthing the Uzumaki Clan.

How old was Mito Uzumaki when she died?

We also know that Madara only defected several years after the foundation of Konoha so maybe Mito was around 30-35 years old and she only died later on when Kushina arrived to be Kurama’s next host, it is also speculated that she was around 7 when she arrived at Konoha.

Who is the strongest Uzumaki?

Nagato Uzumaki8 Nagato Uzumaki Without a doubt, Nagato was among the strongest of the clan.

Who is Minato’s dad?

One of the theories says that Minato is the son of Lady Tsunade and Dan Kato. Lady Tsunade is one of the main supporting characters of the Naruto and Boruto series. On the other hand, Dan Kato was a Jonin level shinobi from Konohagakure.