What Do You Mean By Vigour?

What do u mean by Vigour?


exuberant and resilient strength of body or mind; vitality.

substantial effective energy or forcethe vigour of the tempest..

What is Vigour chemistry?

substantial effective energy or force: the vigour of the tempest. 3. forcefulness; intensity: the vigour of her complaints. 4. (Biology) the capacity for survival or strong healthy growth in a plant or animal: hybrid vigour.

What is vivacity?

Vivacity comes from the Latin word vivere meaning “to live” and carries with it notions of being full of life, vigorous, and spirited. To be vivacious is to engage in the unbounded energy of life.

What is hybrid Vigour?

Alternative Title: hybrid vigour. Heterosis, also called hybrid vigour, the increase in such characteristics as size, growth rate, fertility, and yield of a hybrid organism over those of its parents. Plant and animal breeders exploit heterosis by mating two different pure-bred lines that have certain desirable traits.

What is the meaning of renewed Vigour?

mental energy, enthusiasm, and determination1. mental energy, enthusiasm, and determination. After a brief rest, she returned to the job with renewed vigour.

What does robustness mean?

Robustness is the property of being strong and healthy in constitution. … In the same line robustness can be defined as “the ability of a system to resist change without adapting its initial stable configuration”.

What verve means?

enthusiasm or vigor, as in literary or artistic work; spirit: Her latest novel lacks verve. vivaciousness; liveliness; animation: I like a teacher with plenty of verve. Archaic.

Can a man be vivacious?

Vivacious means someone( especially of a women) who is lively animated, cheerful, bubbly, and vibrant. It is basically used to describe a women who is enthusiastic and in my opinion it’s better to use this adjective in case of women only, although there isn’t any concrete reason why it shouldn’t be used for a man.

What is vivacious personality?

: happy and lively in a way that is attractive — used especially of a woman. She has a vivacious personality.

How do you use Vigour in a sentence?

Vigour sentence examplesShe had inherited vigour of body and mind. … demands on his corps commanders for greater vigour in the: pursuit. … His French style, based partly on his Latin reading, has, together with its undeniable vigour and picturesqueness, the characteristic redundance and rhetorical quality of the Burgundian school.More items…

What is Vigour plant?

A widely accepted definition of vigour is ‘the sum total of those properties of the seed that determine the potential level of activity and performance of the seed during germination and seedling emergence’ (Perry, 1978, 1980).

What is Vigour and vitality?

Vigor is explained as a state of active physical and mental strength. If a person is involved in bad habits, then his vigor will decrease eventually. It decreases the muscular strength and nervous system. The state of vitality is explained as a fully alive mental health with a complete state of energy and life.

Why is seed Vigour important?

Seeds with vigour make plants grow bigger. Not only bigger, but more resistant and ultimately generating a more productive yield. … A seed’s vigour determines how well it performs, its ability to yield strong seedlings that become robust and uniform plants.

How do you increase Vigour and vitality?

Eat for Energy: 6 Easy-to-Eat Foods for Vigor & VitalityRolled Oats. Fiber-rich oats not only help reduce your risk for heart disease, but they slow glucose absorption into the bloodstream, helping to keep your blood sugar steady and energy up. … Lentils. … Bananas. … Sweet Potatoes. … Spinach. … Oranges.

What is another word for vivacity?

In this page you can discover 28 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for vivacity, like: liveliness, brio, sprightliness, animation, enthusiasm, brilliance, dash, energy, fire, gusto and life.