What Does Tybalt Symbolize?

Why is Tybalt important?

Tybalt was a hotheaded young man on the side of the Capulets.

Tybalt was an important part of the play because he challenged Romeo to a duel.

When Tybalt killed Mercutio, it filled Romeo with rage.

In the act of killing Tybalt, Romeo had not given it a thought for he was blinded by his emotions..

Why is Mercutio dressed as a woman?

He was dressed up for a fancy party. … There was no sense that he felt he really is a woman (transgender), or that he generally preferred to wear women’s clothing (transvestitism). He simply wanted to be outrageous. Which is perfectly in character for Mercutio.

What did Juliet wear to the Capulet ball?

Juliet and Lady Capulet would have worn taffeta, silk, gold, or satin gowns, and everybody would have had hats, gloves, ruffs (an elaborate collar), gloves, stockings, and shoes equally elaborate.

Why does Tybalt hate Montagues?

Tybalt’s hatred towards Romeo stems from the longstanding feud between their opposing families. Tybalt is Juliet’s cousin and a proud Capulet while Romeo is a Montague. The Capulet and Montague families have be engaged in a longstanding feud, which has caused conflict throughout Verona.

Is Tybalt in love with Juliet?

When we first meet him, he believes he is in love with Rosaline, but then he meets Juliet at a party. They instantly fall in love and are married in secret the next day. The pair are separated after Romeo kills Tybalt and is banished.

Why is Tybalt so aggressive?

Tybalt is Juliet’s cousin, i.e. a Capulet. … Aside from the vendetta between the Capulets and Montagues, there’s no real explanation for Tybalt’s aggressive behavior. It seems possible that he’s eager to fight because he wants to defend his reputation as the toughest of the Capulets.

Why is Tybalt dressed as a devil?

Tybalt is dressed in a devil outfit with devil horns accompanied by his two “cronies” dressed as white-faced skeletons acts as a “foreshadowing for his violent end. … Capulet is dressed in a purple toga, symbolising a royal roman emperor who is very powerful and can do whatever he likes.

How is Tybalt loyal?

Despite Tybalt’s nature, he is loyal to his Uncle and obeys. … This shows that Tybalt is listening to his Uncle and obeying his orders. The fact that Tybalt says it is a ‘shame’ illustrates that Tybalt doesn’t agree with Lord Capulet, however, because he is loyal towards his family, he will obey.

Why does Romeo wear a mask to the party?

For Romeo specifically, the wearing of a mask is important because he must conceal his true identity. As a Montague, he is not welcome at a party hosted by the Capulets. Therefore, in order for him to enter the house, he must wear a mask so that nobody knows who he really is.

Is Mercutio in love with Romeo?

Mercutio and Love When Romeo complains about the heartache of his unrequited love for Rosaline, Mercutio tells him to get over it already: If love be rough with you, be rough with love. It’s not just “love” that Mercutio has a problem with. He’s also pretty hostile toward women and female sexuality in general.

Is Tybalt a villain?

Type of Villain As I hate hell, all Montagues, and thee. Have at thee, coward! Tybalt challenging Benvolio. Tybalt is the aggressive cousin of Juliet and the secondary antagonist of Shakespeare’s play The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet.

How would you describe Tybalt?

In William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Tybalt is the nephew of Lord Capulet and Juliet’s older cousin. We can accurately describe the skilled swordsman as a tough, cocky and aggressive character who is always looking for a fight.