What We Can Say Instead Of I Am Fine?

How do you say it’s OK formally?

It can be used sometimes in formal conversations, but not in writing.

Some words you can use in it’s place are “acceptable”, “all right”, or “decent”.

It mostly depends on the context.

If you look up synonyms for “Ok”, you can find a lot more ways to say it..

What can I say instead of I am fine?

Ways to say that you are well.I’m fine thank you.I feel great / marvellous / fine.Couldn’t be better.Fit as a fiddle.Very well, thanks.Okay.Alright.Not bad.More items…

What is the other word for fine?

What is another word for fine?excellentgreatoutstandingsplendidsupremeadmirableexceptionalmagnificentsuperiorgood205 more rows

Is it correct to say am fine?

Hi. The word “good” is an adjective and describes a noun. To say, “I am good,” is grammatically incorrect because an adverb is required. … To say, “I am fine,” or “I am well,” is preferred because these are words used as adverbs and are grammatically correct.

What can I say instead of I want?

Different ways to say “I want” in EnglishI feel like a pizza.I am in the mood for chocolate.I am craving a doughnut.I’m dying for a cup of coffee.I would like some water, please.Hit the spot.

What is the reply of I am good?

That response only works if “well” takes on its adjectival form, meaning “in good health” or “good or satisfactory.” Now, if someone asks “How are you doing?” “I’m doing well” is the correct response.